High on Fire – Lumniferous


Y’know, I kinda wish I hadn’t read that interview with Matt Pike where he says this album’s about saving The Illuminati from aliens before I heard Lumniferous. Evidently, the dude dropped out of life with bong in hand a long time ago. But High on Fire, they still bring it, maaaaaan…

This record comes growling out of the gate with “The Black Plot,” an upbeat piece of thrash sludge that wouldn’t sound outta place on Blessed Black Wings.  “Carcosa” is slightly sludgier, generally maintaining a faster tempo, but chucking in a whole buncha heavy breakdowns. Pike actually attempts to sing on “The Sunless Years,” which comes off more post-sludgy, sorta like pre-suck Mastodon before they go full-on thrash on the Goatwhorish “Slave the Hive.”

Those who are expecting more of the slower, heavier fare scattered across their last couple albums might be disappointed.  Meandering, mid-paced “The Falconist” comes close, but ultimately misses the mark.  “The Dark Side of the Compass” contains some of the heavy riffs one would expect, though it’s mostly a mid-paced chug-a-lugger.  “The Cave” has an unusual bluesy beginning, sounding somewhat like Down at their mellowest before it hits like a ton of bricks, the closest thing to a doom-metal power ballad you might hear this year.

Hold up yer lighters—Pikey needs another toke…

(E1 Entertainment)

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7.5 Rating