Relapse Records: 25 Years of Contamination

Now available from Relapse Records:

“Celebrate 25 years of independent metal with over 180 tracks from our catalog! From death and doom to grind and hardcore to experimental and noise, get acquainted with our entire roster and help us celebrate a quarter century of contamination!”

Right away I got a new discovery, and I was only on the second track, by Neurosis, out of a mammoth 183 selections. Never heard those guys before. Going through this list is definitely going to be an adventure. I recommend leaving it on blind and then really getting a feel for the tracks without bias. The Red Fang track made me think of Queens of the Stone Age. I wonder if I’ll be able to tell when Pig Destroyer comes up… normally not my cup of tea… that and Christian Mistress stood out from a quick glance of the list.



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