Anticipating: Enslaved – In Times (March 10)

Available on March 10th 2015 in North America, from the folks over at Nuclear Blast, it’s ENSLAVED with In Times. So far only an edited version of one track has been released. These guys know very well their fans will still bite though – with a discography like theirs, one doesn’t really need to hesitate too much about it. 

Even as I tried to jot down notes for this it was tough to stay still enough to do it. This preview track is so good, so wonderfully headbang-worthy, I find it tough to pull away from. Enslaved once again remind us of their incredibly versatile use of vocal styles,* starting off with a delicious raspy growl sure to please fans of their earlier material, before delivering the piercingly clear, warm, clean hooks. I can’t help but be reminded of Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) as those perfect vocals float overtop the lead-guitar work of Ice Dale threading the line between genres and worlds, as Enslaved have been doing over the course of their last few full-lengths in a wonderful evolution.

(Nuclear Blast pre-order link – America)

Enslaved’s North American tour in March is supported by Yob among others. Here are the band’s upcoming dates:



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