Astrakhan – A Tapestry of Scabs and Skin


The second release from these young Vancouver sludgesters Astrakhan combines the two tracks from their previous The Pillarist 7” with a couple new numbers on this 25-minute EP.

“Cupid’s Fist” comes swinging out of the gate, a djenty piece of post-sludge with breakdowns aplenty.  Vocals are clean and atmospheric for the most part, but they sometimes bark for that added bite.  “Blinded by the Diamond Planet” is slow ‘n sludgier, delivering doomy downstrokes from the get-go with a definite Neurosis vibe, before picking up the beat to mid-paced thrash.  Suffice to say, they drop ‘er down again, with some incredibly heaving pummelling directed straight to the solar plexus.  This is what post-sludge is all aboot…

Not sure that the two older tunes were re-recorded or anything, but they still find the mark.  “Rest in Depths” oozes out like fellow Vancouverites Mendozza, taking a softer approach before hitting ya with some heavy riffs.  There are two discernible voices on this one, a Kylesaesque tradeoff between more-guttural and higher-pitched vocals that really works well.  “The Pillarist” ends this one on a similar note, delivering the same sorta punishing post-sludge that I appreciated on Pyres’ debut.  The old stuff and new stuff combines nicely in this deadly concoction—more where that came from, please!

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8.0 Rating