Section 302!? Damn you, Iron Maiden Fan Club!

Y’know, whenever I’ve seen Maiden at the ACC in the spring or the fall, I’ve always been able to get floors, but I’ve had no such luck at the Molson Ampitheatre.  I was up on the Live Nation website as soon as the clock struck 10 this morning, and as a result of my efforts, I’m stuck up in Section 302, Row L–and it’s still costing me more than I ever paid for floors indoors!  ($16.75 convenience charge!?  Fuck you!)

Yes, I’m aware that the pit at the Ampitheatre is a lot smaller than the ACC hockey rink.  I was also aware of the Live Nation pre-sale yesterday, but unable to access it at work.  By the time I got home, the best pre-sale seats available were pretty much the worst seats in the house, so I passed on the hopes that I could do better when tickets became available to the general public.  Which I did.  In fact, I think I’m closer to centre stage than I was last time, though I don’t remember what row I was in–and I can’t seem to find that ticket stub.  Hmm.

Of course, all the good seats don’t sell out in a matter of seconds.  For the past few years, Maiden has been offering “First To The Barrier” access to its fanclub members, a privilege that’ll set you back 30 British pounds annually if you live in North America.  I guess that also comes with a magazine, some pictures, a merch discount and such.  But meh, I haven’t been a big fan of any album they’ve put out since Brave New World, though I believe I’ve bought all its successors.  (I really need to stop doing that!)  I know I could do without receiving glossy photos of those old geezers every quarter, but hey…

…I suppose I can also do without seeing them from the floor the fourth time around.  I’ve never really been much of a mosher, anyways.



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