Fossils – Flesh Hammer


Now, I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but the album art on this one is made outta beef jerky, and I loves me some beef jerky…

Anyhoo, Fossils is a Danish guitarless duo, and this is their third album, and third album about meat — at least in name, although some of the song titles here suggest a common theme. “Carnivore Arrest” kicks things off with a call-and-answer style stomp, which kinda reminds me of nu metal (mostly due to the bass-heavy sound, I suppose), though it takes off in a bit more of an interesting direction. No karate-chopping here, kids.

Most of these songs are around two minutes long, which is probably about the right length for guitarless instrumentals in the first place. That said, there aren’t too many riffs that really catch my ear or stick in my brain… but I’m sure that a tour with farmer-themed, sub-two-minute, Italian instro-duo Zolle is already in the works.


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