Editor’s playlist – songs for a cold, snowy Thursday


For a serious music fan (and I assume anyone reading this must be), finding sounds that really click for you has to be one of the most satisfying pleasures — encountering music that resonates with some part of your psyche, your emotions, your cells… And when you find those artists, albums, or songs that hit all the right buttons, it’s a helluva lot of fun to share that music with someone else, to make some gesture to other like-minded music fans that says, ‘hey, you really, should be checking this out!’

In the spirt of this kind of gesture, I’m going to take advantage of my editorial position here at Hellbound and this Editor’s Blog space to share some of the music that’s clicking with me at any given moment. These won’t be reviews — although any mention here implies some sort of positive assessment. Consider this more an ongoing variation on the staff playlist feature we run now and then.

My first recommendation is a spin-off of last week’s “simulated meat” feature on Kill Eat Exploit the Weak, the radio show I co-host with Adam Wills. We were exploring, briefly, artists that have turned the cello into a very heavy instrument — a list that included Helen Money, whose new album Arriving Angels is out on Profound Lore.

There isn’t anything particularly cold or wintery about Helen Money’s aggressive cello manipulation, but as I sit hear beside a window view of a ridiculously snowy street bathed in sun, Arriving Angels just seems like the right kind of soundtrack. I share with you a sampling with you below with the track “Beautiful Friends.” Give it a try for yourself.

— Laura

Laura is associate editor of Hellbound.ca and co-host of weekly metal show Kill Eat Exploit the Weak on CFMU 93.3 FM. She loves doom, prog, cats and basketball, believes in equity and social justice and is not cool with any form of discrimination, marginalization, harassment or oppression.