Slaughterday – Nightmare Vortex


By Rob Kachluba

FDA Rekotz, the home of dirty rotten metal, is fast becoming one of my fave metal labels. Already in the past few years they have released many faves of mine including Deserted Fear ,Chapel of Disease/Lifeless, Revel in Flesh etc… and now maybe even their finest moment yet with Slaughterday. This two-man German band incorporate the best of old school Swedish death metal mixed with American death/doom ala Autopsy. What sets them apart from a lot of the other bands of their ilk is their use of dynamics in the songs. The whole album flows and ebbs and is not one big samey sounding death metal album. Tracks like “Addicted to the Grave”, “Morbid Shroud of Sickeness” and leadoff track “Unearthly Evocation” have an underlying groove to them that Xysma use to do so well (you remember them, right?), with subtle melodies and that pave the way for a dark sinister atmosphere that bands like Entombed and Autopsy do so well. This is no 2nd division death metal folks. And for being their debut who know how good their 2nd album will be. The eight tracks here also feature songs from the Cosmic Horror demo as well.Fave track for me also from that demo is “Cult of the Dreaming Dead”, in which in the chorus is this great catchy harmonised twin guitar melody followed by a short sweet harmonised guitar solo that is quite tasteful.

Fans of Death metal look no further then this late 2013 gem, and if your a collector like myself the vinyl version has a bonus track: “The Ghoul” by Pentagram. Highly recommended.

(FDA Rekotz)

9 / 10

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