FDA Rekotz

Slaughterday – Nightmare Vortex

FDA Rekotz, the home of dirty rotten metal, is fast becoming one of my fave metal labels. Already in the past few years they have released many faves of mine including Deserted Fear ,Chapel of Disease/Lifeless, Revel in Flesh etc… and now maybe even their finest moment yet with Slaughterday

Skeletal Remains – Beyond The Flesh

The feel here is harkening back to the good old 90s, as they combine the brutality of Death and Gorguts and the precision of Pestilence. With the emphasis nowadays creating that classic old school Death metal sounds it is refreshing to hear a hybrid like Skeletal Remains.

Lifeless – Godconstruct

I know some diehards may be put off by some of the layered melodies but really this is a true and true sounding old school death metal album that harkens back to the good old days with great looking artwork and solid production in which every instrument can be heard clearly.