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Blowing Up The Lakehead Playlist for Monday July 22nd, 2013
Artist – Song (Album)
Luder – Astrolabe (Adelphophagia)
Pyres* – Deserter (Year of Sleep\Deserter)
LORD DYING – Greed Is Your Horse (Summon the Faithless)
Age of Taurus – Always in the Eye (Desperate Souls of Tortured Times)
Earthen Grave – Tilted World (Earthen Grave)

Church of Misery – Brother Bishop (Gary Heidnik) (Thy Kingdom Scum)
Demon Lung – A Decade Twice over a Day (The Hundredth Name)
Mouth of the Architect – It Swarms (Dawning)
Orchid – Mountains Of Steel (The Mouths Of Madness)

The Lumberjack Feedback – The Dreamcatcher (Hand of Glory)
High on Fire – Fury Whip (Spitting Fire, Volumes 1 and 2)

Kylesa – What Does It Take (Ultraviolet)
Hidden Masters – Perfume (Of This & Other Worlds)
Cauchemar* – Tête De Mort (Tenebrario)
Fusskalt – Dead Man Walking
Hexvessel – Woman Of Salem (Iron Marsh)
Miss Lava – Hole To China (Red Supergiant)

Sadgiqacea – False Prism (False Prism)
Valient Thorr – Cerberus (Our Own Masters)
The Quill – Purgatory Hill (Tiger Blood)
Trouble – Have I Told You (The Distortion Field)
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats – Follow The Leader (Mind Control)
ZED – Settle the Score (Desperation Blues)

Kadavar – Black Snake (Abra Kadavar)
Jex Thoth – Keep Your Weeds (Blood Moon Rise)
The Devil’s Blood – …If Not a Vessel? (III Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars)
THIS MISERY GARDEN – Rope (Cornerstone)
Black Cowgirl – The Ride (Black Cowgirl)
Black Tusk – Truth Untold (Tend No Wounds EP)
Transport League – Bitter Sand (Boogie From Hell)

Iron Maple, Tuesday July 23rd, 2013
All Canadian, All Independent
Artist – Song (Album)
Iron Kingdom – Demon of Deception (Gates of Eternity)
Evil Survives – Destroyer
Axxion – Hard Rockin (Wild Racer)
Sanktuary – Beyond The Wall (Something Fierce)
Tobeatic – The Rain She Pours Down From These Mountaintops (All To Hell)
Pyres – Deserter (Year of Sleep)

Cauchemar – Le Feu Du Soleil (Tenebrario)
Untimely Demise – Navigator’s Choice (Systematic Eradication)
Death Valley Driver – Ice Serpents (Graveyard Dead)
BornBroken – Anger of The Day (The Healing Powers of Hate)
Fatality – Towards Disaster (Psychonaut)
Anvil – Eat Your Words (Hope In Hell)
Reanimator – Contradicted By Reality (Great Balls)

Fuck The Facts – Vent du nord (Amer)
FALSE FLAG – Crusader (Orobas EP)
Necronomicon – The Valley of the Lost Souls (Rise of the Elder Ones)
Slagduster – Feral Children (Nature. Humanity. Machine)
Paths – The Medusa Picture (I Turn My Body From The Sun)
Ninjaspy – Skaingkh (The Skank) (No Kata)
Maximum RNR – Attack Panther (Rough Side of the Dial)

Gris – Les Forges (À l’Âme Enflammée, l’Äme Constellée)
Sombres Forêts – Brumes (La Mort du Soleil)

Until Dawn – Richard (Horizon)
Cryptik Howling – Absorbing Light (Synthetic Ascension Design)
Wilt – Cold Misfortune (Wilt)
Eternal Judgment – PowerDrive (Fatal Virus)
Battlesoul – Plague (Tir Na Nog)
All Else Fails – Better Left Undead (Fucktropolis)

Shock – Slashing to Live (Once Denied)
Märchenbilder – Awaken (Flickering Truth)
Osyron – Gallery of Fools (Harbinger)
BushWhacker – The Trip (BushWhacker)

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