Violation Wound – With Man In Charge

A simple summation of Violation Wound’s sound is that they sound like Autopsy or Abscess without the death and doom elements of their music. So, to say it’s stripped down is an understatement. This is no surprise when you realise that Autopsy and former Abscess member Chris Reifert is on guitar and vocals. It really is an excellent album, channelling Discarge, Amebix and Venom into a cement mixer of razor-riffed fury. The lyrics are more socially aware, and this works well. The production is just right. Superb cover artwork too. Highly recommended. This is as it should be – as you’d expect from Peaceville and Chris Reifert.

Steve Earles is author and co-author of numerous projects, including To End All Wars: The WWI Graphic Anthology, available summer 2014 (