I see your multi-venue, multi-day, multi-genre music festival, and raise you… a two-day, all-day doomfest!

Blame Gary Bettman.  Normally, the NHL playoffs end just in time for North by Northeast, but with the lockout pushing everything back, the puck drops on Game 2 tonight with the festival in full swing.

Not that there’s anyone I’m really dying to see tonight, anyways.  In the past seven days, I’ve caught Torche, KEN Mode, Lo-Pan, Kylesa, Blood Ceremony, White Hills and Lazer/Wulf in concert, which pretty much trumps this year’s offering of heavy bands at NXNE.  And no, it was not a festival, or anything.  Just another summer stretch of gigs in Toronto.  Y’know, it’s almost hard to believe I don’t have another local gig on my calendar until late July!

But there will be no shortage of heaviness for yours truly next weekend.  As previously mentioned, I’m heading down to Milwaukee for the third-annual Days of the Doomed festival.  This year’s edition features former members of Pentagram and Trouble, reunited cult classics Penance and Dream Death and guaranteed good times with the likes of Iron Man, Pale Divine and The Gates of Slumber.  Apparently this thing is pretty much sold-out, which is certainly a good sign.

Unfortunately, I am forced to miss the first couple bands on Friday due to flight-schedule fuckery, but I can still think of at least half-a-dozen reasons to get excited for this shindig.  Keep an eye on Gruesome Views over the next few days.  (There will also be pictures posted at some point; that’s a pretty safe bet…)



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