HELLBOUND RADIO Playlist – Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Two weeks in a row! That must be some kind of record around here. Truth be told, last night’s show was more of a solo mission than a group effort. Sean was still down in Port Dover, ON celebrating Father’s Day with his pops and Albert is currently on call for a film he is doing extra work on, so this show was done entirely by Mr. Kevi Metal himself. No surprise then that, for the most part, everything on this show is essentially new releases, as KSP likes to keep it current. Anyway, here’s what was heard on last night’s show…

Hellbound Radio airs every Sunday, 9pm-midnight EST on 101.5 Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Listen on-line at www.indifm.ca. Wanna request something or give us shit? (905) 575-2101.

Your hosts are Albert Mansour, Sean Palmerston and Kevin Stewart-Panko


AGRIMONIA – Talion (Rites of Separation)
AGRIMONIA – Hunted (Rites of Separation)
TOXIC HOLOCAUST – Nuke the Cross (From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction)
TOXIC HOLOCAUST – Bitch (From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction)
A LIFE ONCE LOST – Madness is God (Ecstatic Trance)
A LIFE ONCE LOST – Miracle Worker (Ecstatic Trance)
ARSIS – Let Me be the One (Unwelcome)
ARSIS – Sunglasses at Night (Unwelcome)
COLISEUM – Doing Time (Sister Faith)
COLISEUM – Love Under Will (Sister Faith)
KVELERTAK – Undertro (Meir)
KVELERTAK – Tordenbrak (Meir)
BLOCKHEADS – Born Among Bastards (The World is Dead)
BLOCKHEADS – Final Arise (The World is Dead)
AMORPHIS – Shades of Grey (Circle)
AMORPHIS – Mission (Circle)
BORN BROKEN – Can’t Quiet the Riot (The Healing Powers of Hate)*
BORN BROKEN – Old News (The Healing Powers of Hate)*
ENFORCER – Mesmerized by Fire (Death by Fire)
ENFORCER – Take me out of this Nightmare (Death by Fire)
WITCHES OF GOD – Devils III (The Blood of Others)
WITCHES OF GOD – The Blood of Others (The Blood of Others)
BURST – Sordid Leader (Conquest:Writhe)
BURST – Juxtaposed (Conquest:Writhe)

Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.