Staff Playlists, May 2019

Join us this month as we celebrate 10 full years of Hellbound! – and as we carry on with our monthly staff picks. May the metal be with you!

Hellbound recommends

Steve Earles

New Release: Membranes – What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away.

Asomvel At Dolans Limerick. A killer mix of Venom and Motorhead… which is as it should be but seldom is.

Non Metal:
Tangerine Dream – The Official Bootleg Series Volume Three.

Wild Card: The Many Lives of the Evil Dead. An excellent collection of essays about the much loved series. And remember, Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and Robert Tappert. No Ash… No Evil Dead.

Arta Gailuma

Listening to: Symphony X. Excited to see them live soon for the first time

New release: It has to be Rammstein long-awaited new album (released on May 17th)

Live: For the first time finally got to see Dimmu Borgir live. Very impressive performance musically and visually.

Gruesome Greg

Listening to: Saint Vitus – self-titled (1984)

New release: Saint Vitus – self titled (2019)

Live: Church of Misery with Mondo Generator, Toke, Against the Grain in Detroit

Non-Metal: Jon Pardi – Heartache Medication

Wild card: Just saw the best AC/DC tribute band at Rib Fest, the first of many summer food festivals in Toronto…

Matt Hinch

Listening to: I recently went on a big Local H bender. I never realized how active they’ve been this century. But I still go back to As Good As Dead.

New Release: Call of the Void – Buried in Light (Translation Loss, May 10, 2019): “loud metallic sludgepunk” sounds pretty accurate. This band’s brand of rage is satisfyingly great. Heavy and not too crazy, it makes you feel alive on the way toward death.

Non-metal: A little girl I once knew named Kaiya is all grown up now and makes some pretty good “dreamfolk” music under the name Cade. Here’s her newest track.

Wild Card: Speaking of wild and new track… the new Wizard Rifle track is a blessed kind of bonkers. I love these guys and can’t wait for a new album! But I’ll take a “Rocket to Hell” for now.

Sarah Riley

Listening to: Carcass – Mount Of Execution (Surgical Steel, Nuclear Blast, 2013)

New Release: Vader – Thy Messenger (Nuclear Blast, May 31st)

Live: The Absence, Jungle Rot, Origin, Deicide. May 28th @ Mod Club Theatre, Toronto.

Non-metal: With the loss of my Grandpa this past week, I’ve been listening to some country songs that he really enjoyed and also bring back good memories. This ones for him: Travis Tritt – Where Corn Don’t Grow (The Restless Kind, Warner Bros. Records, 1996)

Wild Card: Mid90s. A film written and directed by Jonah Hill

Laura Wiebe

Listening to: Devin Townsend’s amazing pipes as demonstrated in this CBC live acoustic set

New release: October Tide – In Splendor Below (Agonia, 17 May 2019)

Live: Whitesnake in Niagara Falls NY, 18 May 2019

Non-Metal: In honour and memory of my Dad – “Fall Back On Me” by Charley Pride.

Wild card: binging old episodes of the British archaeology TV show Time Team

Adam Wills

Listening to: Twin Temple – Bring You Their Signature Sound…. Satanic Doo-Wop (Rise Above Records)

New release: October Tide – In Splendor Below (Agonia)

Live: Turns 10 W/Chainbreaker, Anthropic + more (

Non-Metal: Devin Townsend (acoustic) – CBC’s First Play Live –

Wild card: Schitt’s Creek (Season 5)

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