Demonaz – March of the Norse

By Ola Mazzuca

We’re not at the heart of winter anymore, are we Demonaz?

Tap your steel-toed combat boots together and a solo album appears from Immortal’s head honcho with crisp production and innate elements from past work, a primitive tone blended with modern sense.

March of the Norse begins with a graceful, dark, Dimmu-esque introduction before plunging into guitar work reminiscent of arguably black metal’s most parodied heroes. Most of the tracks on this record evoke victorious battles that scream Scandinavia, the title track evidently practicing this idea.

Good musicianship on “A Son Of The Sword” and precision on “Under The Great Fires” bring out noteworthy aspects while “Over The Mountains” appears cliché and disappointing with its weak quality.

At the end of the adventure, expectations aren’t met as a soft ode plays the role of an acoustic interlude before plunging into “Legends Of Fire And Ice”, what would have been the top track if its closure had more kick, not a double toe-tap between ruby red slippers.

(Nuclear Blast)

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