Cause For Revelation – Resurrecting The Hostility

Cause For Revelation - Resurrecting The Hostility cover

By Keith Carman

Almost eight years into their career, Milwaukee-based quartet Cause For Revelation finally issue a debut full-length in Resurrecting The Hostility. Taking much of that time to refine their infusion of New York hardcore with aspects of old school death, thrash and groove metals, the composite alloy that is this 11-track affair proves impressively worthwhile. While few moments incite a sensation of discovering fresh aural territory, the working relationship between band, engineer Chris Wisco (Nonpoint, Lazarus AD) and death metal forefather James Murphy (Obituary, Death, Testament) ensures that Resurrecting The Hostility provides a spotless half-hour of weighty rhythms, beat-heavy shots and a whirlwhind of adrenaline-fuelled ferocity. From crunching guitars worthy of Hatebreed’s finer moments through to barrel-chested vocal delivery and shit-hot solos that could have been pulled from Cause Of Death, the band’s pointed tenacity and lumbering doggedness is equal parts inspiring and ominous. Again, while times of utter bewilderment aren’t entirely lush unique with this affair, its ability to maneuver within familiar confines (best defined under their own terms of “’90s hardcore meets ’90s death metal,”) is just as appreciable as if Cause For Revelation were to spawn something entirely new. Ultimately, it also points to greater future highs…provided they don’t take another decade to issue a sophomore affair, that is.


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