By Rob Kachluba

Containing 3/4 of the classic Zero Hour lineup from the first albums and the drummer from Enchant(!!) here we have Cynthesis with the wonder duo Tipton brothers on guitar and bass and one of my fave vocalists, Mr. Eric Rosvold. Where in Zero Hour they pounded you relentlessly with their hypnotic heavy rhythms, DeEvolution plays more to lush landscapes and prog grooves. There seems to be a story here about control and brainwashing people to gain control over issues like religion, politics, etc. This album from start to finish is filled with great dynamics that weave the story using Eric’s voice as the main tool. His voice is both so smooth and eclectic at the same time that it also brings to mind Maynard of Tool and his vocals style. “The Man Without Skin” opens up the album with the Tipton brothers inter-playing off each other into a mid paced tempo that is hypnotic in fashion – almost like you are painting a landscape of the story being told. “Incision” is mesmerizing to say the least, containing slow buildups that lead into gorgeous choruses. “Divided Day” explodes into a frenzied tech barrage of guitar/bass and drums that comes to a halt and then leads into a slow dreamy passage which explodes again into tech bliss that then leads into another awesome chorus.The Tipton brothers refrain from all out tech wizardry and instead let the songs breathe by implementing the less is more technique. Don’t get me wrong, there is still some great shredding and playing but it is only just where it’s needed now. Also the keyboards are used quite a lot for that needed atmosphere. This album makes for perfect headphone action. A great well rounded production allows each instrument to be heard which enhances the listening enjoyment. You can easily lump this album in the prog/tech section but its so much more than just that. It is almost a prog rock groove laden album with atmosphere and movie soundtrack vibes with killer chops. Towers of Avarice was one of my all time fave prog albums from Zero Hour and now with most of that band on Cynthesis this could be another winner. They are off to a fantastic start anyway.


DeEvolution will be released on Sensory Records on April 19, 2011

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