HELLBOUND RADIO: October 24th, 2010 Playlist

Wow! Three phone calls in one night! Must be some sort of record. Never you mind that two of them sounded like they came from the same (probably very drunk) guy asking about Johnny Cash and Baptized In Blood before wondering about some obscure Teutonic metalcore that somehow made it on air, and the other was from the station manager making sure we weren’t fucking goats in the foyer. Again. It might help if we gave out the request line number more than once a month, but then we’d probably whine about people calling up and asking to repeatedly hear Children of Bodom. No Halloween show next week; we’ve declared Halloween as unofficially having nothing to do with metal. That’s the sort of thing that happens when you have kids.

Hellbound Radio airs every Sunday, 9-midnight EST on 101.5 Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Listen on-line at www.indifm.ca

Your hosts are Albert Mansour, Sean Palmerston and Kevin Stewart-Panko

ARMOUR – Heavy Metal Drinkers (Armour, 2010)
ANVIL – Blood On The Ice (Pound for Pound, 1988)*
AGATHOCLES – Houses of Fraud (This is Not a Threat, It’s a Promise, 2010)
AMORPHIS – My Kantele (Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes, 2010)
DISMEMBER – Trendkiller (Death Metal, 1997)
KILL THE CLIENT – Pressing The Flesh (Set for Extinction, 2010)
GRAVE MIASMA – This Tomb is My Altar (Realm of Evoked Doom, 2010)
JUGGERNAUT – A Question To Be Answered (Lines of the Edge, 2006) JUGGERNAUT!!
WOJCZECH – 67o 48’0′ N12o 50’0′ ‘0 (Pulsus Letanis, 2010)
DOWN – Bury Me In Smoke (Diary of a Mad Band, 2010)
COFFINS – Deadly Sinners (Buried Death, 2008)
COLOSSUS – Kill More Better (Drunk on Blood, 2010)
FORBIDDEN – Forsaken At the Gates (Omega Wave, 2010)
SOULGATE’S DAWN – The Key (Messiah, 2009)
ION DISSONANCE – You People Are Messed Up (Cursed, 2010)*
MELECHESH – Grand Gathas of Baal Sin (The Epigenesis, 2010)
TANKARD – Stay Thirsty (Thirsty, 2008)
ENCOFFINATION – Nefarious Yet Elegant Are the Bowels of Hell (Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh, 2010)
BARBE-Q BARBIES – New Direction (All Over You, 2010)
HEADHUNTER – Read My Lips (Parasite of Society, 2008)
NEKRASOV – Disillusion (Extinction, 2010)
CONVULSE – Putrid Intercourse (World Without God, 2010 re-issue)
OMEN – Ruby Eyes (of the Serpent) (Warning of Danger, 1985)
TURBID NORTH – Wolves (Orogeny, 2010)
AGALLOCH – I Am The Wooden Doors (The Mantle, 2002)
DIMMU BORGIR – Ritualist (Abrahadabra, 2010)
CRADLE OF FILTH – Tragic Kingdom (Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder, 2008)
US CHRISTMAS – Wolf on Anareta (Run Thick in the Night, 2010)
IRON MAIDEN – Coming Home (The Final Frontier, 2010)
ABSU – Amy (Absu, 2009)
CANDLEMASS – Hammer of Doom (Ashes to Ashes, 2010)

* = Canadian content

Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.