Hellbound Q & A with… Terese Fleming of Scarab Productions

Western Canadian metal owes a lot to Terese Fleming. As the organizer of the Noctis festival, she has put our region on the map as far as heavy metal culture goes. Incredibly supportive of her local and regional scene, Terese has been putting on shows, from tiny community halls to the now multi-day Noctis extravaganza for years. I spoke to her over the phone to find out some history of her involvement with Noctis, what bands she’s into, and whether us attendees will really be eating bowls of ball bearings at the Noctis Metal Breakfast.

Interview by Kyle Harcott

Amorphis – The Beginning Of Times

Ever since vocalist Tomi Joutsen joined the band four albums ago Amorphis has been on a consistent roll for the most part firing on all cylinders. Last album Skyforger was a huge hit on many of year end lists and is probably their best work yet. Now A Beginning of Times is good but maybe not up to the quality of there last three outings.