Hellbound Summer Metal Meltdown: July 17, 2010 Playlist

In an ongoing attempt to show that our Hellbound radio programs are some of the most varied, interesting metal radio shows that can be heard on the radio/online, here is our playlist to last night’s edition of the HELLBOUND SUMMER METAL MELTDOWN. Kevin wasn’t around for this program, as he has left on tour acting as road manager for CEPHALIC CARNAGE, but we did have another guest DJ in for the night.

Hellbound contributor, photographer and web guru Adam Wills once again came onto the show with Albert and Sean last night.  Here is what the three of us played in the ninety minutes that made up last night’s show.

Hellbound Summer Metal Meltdown airs every Saturday, 10:30 until midnight EST on CFMU FM, McMaster U Community Radio in Hamilton ON. Listen online at http://cfmu.mcmaster.ca

Your hosts are Adam Wills, Albert Mansour and Sean Palmerston.


SACRIFICE – Anthem (The Ones I Condemn, 2009)
KREATOR – Love Us Or Hate Us (Extreme Aggression, 1989)
AUGURY – Brimstone Landscape (Fragmentary Evidence, 2009)
HOODED MENACE – The House of Hammer (Never Cross The Dead, 2010)
SIGH – Scarlet Dream (Imaginary Sonicscape, 2001)
EVILWAR – Born by the Rape of One Beast (Unholy March, 2001)
AGALLOCH – As Embers Dress The Sky (Pale Folklore,1999)
NUCLEAR ASSAULT – The Hockey Song (Third World Genocide, 2005)
PRIESTESS – Lady Killer (Prior to the Fire, 2009)
LIZZY BORDEN – Lord Of The Flies (Visual Lies, 1987)
HYPOCRISY – Valley of the Damned (A Taste of Extreme Divinity, 2009)
AMORPHIS – A Servant (Silent Waters, 2007)
MEGADETH – Holy Wars… The Punishment Due (Rust In Peace, 1990)
ACRASSICAUDA – Garden of Stones (Only The Dead See The End of the War, 2010)
OCEANS OF SADNESS – Again, the Wolf Wins (For We Are, 2000)
GHOUL – Wonderful World (Maniaxe, 2003)
MISERY – Pain (Production Through Destruction, 1992)

Adam has been a photographer for Hellbound since day 1 and also has a hand in the technical aspects of running the site.