My AllThat’sHeavy haul has arrived!

As a footnote to my last blog post, I mentioned that All That’s Heavy, the distro run by the fine folks at, was having a Dog Days of Summer sale. Well, I don’t blog about concerts that I don’t plan on attending, and I wouldn’t mention a sale if I wasn’t going to do some shopping myself. Alas, when I got home yesterday, my ATH package was waiting on my doorstep. For a grand total of $91.56 (americano), I scored:

Count Raven – High on Infinity
Count Raven – Messiah of Confusion
Eyehategod – 10 Years of Abuse and Still Broke
Eyehategod – Southern Discomfort
Iron Man – Generation Void
The Mighty Nimbus – s/t
Nebula/Lowrider split
Reverend Bizarre – In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend (2CD reissue)
Suplecs – Powtin’ on the Outside Pawty on the Inside
Trouble – The Skull (2CD reissue)
Farflung – A Wound in Eternity (FREEBIE)

Along with the Farflung CD, they also threw in an ATH CD opener, massive bumper sticker, and “collectable art print.” Pas pire, hein?

Here’s to a long weekend full of sludge and doom!

By the way, if yer not spending the long weekend at the cottage, you can catch me on an internet radio broadcast this Sunday. It’s not quite Smokin’ Green–and I won’t be playing the new additions to my collections due to the all CanCon format–but after guesting on The Great Northern Trendkill last week, I was asked to come back for an encore. Check it out on Indie Love Radio from 3 to 5 pm.

Oh, and you gotta love the Italians. They’ve got a stoner fest going on today, for which this poster was passed on to me. Apparently, they felt the need to put No Mafia on the left-hand side. I guess they don’t want the goombas dealing any Sicilian ditch weed, eh?

Smoke ’em if you got ’em,


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