Chaos Synopsis: Kvlt Of Dementia


By Albert Mansour

Chaos Synopsis is a Brazilian based thrash/death metal band that has recently released their first full length album. The band is a trio: Jairo on bass and lead vocals, JP on guitar and backing vocals and Vitor Friggi on drums. They play a highly intensive brutal, aggressive and fast style of metal that is very similar to early Slayer . Each of the ten tracks offered here are high-powered, kicking off with the killer tracks “Postwar Madness,” “Sarcastic Devotion” and “Only evil can Prevail” that feature heavy guitar riffs, pounding drums, deep growled vocals. The trio keeps burning and blasting along with “LXXXVI”, “License to kill” and “Expired faith” – all songs with ripping riffs, shredding guitar solos and double kick bass drums that are so fast at times you’d swear they were beating at a thousand miles per hour. The professional skills on display here are far beyond average, putting this album as a real pleasure to listen countless times over. The band has been gigging regularly in Brazil, opening for bands such as Dismember, Mayhem and Sinister in 2008/09 and thanks to this strong debut album Chaos Synopsis is a name that should become internationally known too. Kult Ov Dementia has got great artwork, solid guitar work and drum skills way above average. Highly recommended for those into Kataklysm, Slayer, Napalm Death and Grimforce.

(Freemind Records)


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