Leaves’ Eyes: My Destiny


By Melissa Andrews

My Destiny is the most recent EP release from Leaves’ Eyes. The sound is symphonic metal with a dash of a Northern European folk sound. The overall feeling is to put on your crushed velvet frocks and watch the misty fog over an icy lake. The title track along with another song “Northbound” will be part of the band’s full-length release Njord (which will be out by the time this review runs). The other tracks are two that will not appear on the album, a remix of “My Destiny” and a cover of “Scarborough Fair”.

It is somewhat of a good sign that the weakest track on the album is the only non-original song. Part of what makes it the weakest track is I’ve heard this song many times before and they don’t do anything with it but play another generic version. If “Northbound” is representative of what the rest of the album is going to sound like it’s definitely going to be worth picking up. The song is catchy and easy to get into on a first listen.

All the songs act as a vehicle to display the vocal styling of front woman Liv Kristine. Her soprano singing sounds gentle and haunting but powerful enough to not be drowned out by the orchestration that has been added underneath. The orchestration is well done as it enhances the overall songs without having the problem of sounding like cheesy rock opera that some artists in this genre tend to sound like.



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