Bodychoke: Cold River Songs


By Melissa Andrews

Ok, I admit when I offered to review this CD I didn’t realize it was a reissue. Since I had never heard of the band before I couldn’t possibly know they had a discography and haven’t been together in ten years. On a good note, if I hadn’t actually looked at the date and saw this was recorded in 1997 I wouldn’t have thought the album sounded dated.

The inclusion of the lyrics is something that was added as part of the re-issue. The distorted vocals go from shouting to mumbling and many stages of in between so without the lyrics the dark leaning towards sadistic lyrics such as “You’ll find me heartless and mean and cruel at best” would be missed.

The overall sound of the instrumentation is fuzzy and dirty. Even with re-mastering none of the tracks sound anything that could be called polished. My favourite track on the album “Victim” has a high pitched cello playing through out that makes you not able to sit still through out all the screeching. I wouldn’t recommend this for someone looking for a metal album but it’s good for listening to a rock album with metal leanings with wildly varying vocals and jarring instrumentation.



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