Sinister: Cross The Styx


By Rob Kachluba

Originally released way back in 1992 on Nuclear Blast Records, Holland’s Sinister was riding the then embryonic stages of the burgeoning international death metal scene with the release of their debut album. Poland’s Metal Mind production has now re-released this minor metal classic for the benefit of anyone who may have missed it first time around. Sinister wrote guitar riffs that were choppy and contained that classic old school death metal sound, but the band also could inject the speed to up their attack to an almost grindcore style. Mike Van Mastrigt’s vocals were very low and guttural for that time and I’m sure influenced a lot of the bands soon to follow. I remember back in the day buying one of their 7 inch singles and liking it so much that I bought this album on CD. It is very meat and potatoes death metal that now in 2009 one could argue it perhaps does not stand the test of time, but they did make their mark back in the day. Like most of the Metal Mind reissues of the older Nuclear Blast titles, this was reissued in a digipack format, a limited and numbered edition of 2000.

(Metal Mind Productions)


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