Destroyer 666: Defiance


By Albert Mansour

Australia’s blackened thrash/death metal heroes Destroyer 666 return with their fourth full length album. Kicking off with tracks like “Path Not Deceived,” “The Barricades Are Breaking,” “I Am Not Deceived” and “Weapons of Conquest” these killer songs are built on massive riffs, heavy guitar playing, aggressive vocals and pure black metal atmosphere. Overall, one can’t help but be reminded of old Morbid Angel and Angel Corpse here. The blasting, ferocious drumming, growling vocals and classic old school death metal riffs pierced by the occasional tormented lead breaks, all of the sheer violence with thrashing power and a good dose of chaotic melody where needed makes this an essential album. Defiance is better produced, mixed and cleaner sounding than their first two albums Unchain the Wolves (1997) and Phoenix Rising (2000). If it had a more raw production, it might be even better. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this album to anyone who has never heard Destroyer 666 as a strong introduction. It is definitely their most brutal, chaotic, war metal release this decade and if you’re a fan of black/thrash you should definitely hear this, especially followers of the Australian scene.  Defiance earns my highest recommendation.

(Season Of Mist)


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