Tardy Brothers: Bloodline


By Albert Mansour

Tardy Brothers is the new project featuring Florida death metal band OBITUARY’s founding members John (vocals) and Donald Tardy (drums). Their new nine track debut album under this name, Bloodline, is absolutely fantastic from the start to the end. The riffs, the solos, the killer voice of John Tardy and the powerful drumming of Donald (who also plays the bass) are all solid throughout

For this first release, the brothers have invited new Obituary (and former Deicide and Death) guitarist Ralph Santolla and have also brought back the original Executioner guitarist Jerry Tidwell to perform on the disc as well.

This album is highly recommended for fans of metal in general. This piece is much more than a death metal album and you’ll surely find something of your taste here, regardless of what is your favorite metal genre.


(Candlelight Records)