Superchrist: Defenders Of The Filth


by Albert Mansour

This three-piece Chicago band’s music is like an intriguing mix of Motorhead and The Exploited. Their new ten-song CD has some absolutely KILLER tracks like “Stay Black,” “Take You Out” and “Still Drunk Enough” with very heavy riffs, great guitar solos and choking vocals. With their sixth full length album there are very few flaws to pin point here, although a track like “Internal City,” with its shallow guitar solo and dull riffs, seems to lose a bit of their steam. It is nothing compared to the rest of the album. It is stunning to notice that bassist Chris Black is the mastermind in producing, mixing and as sound engineer of the project (the band is rounded out by Hank Bitchlover on guitars and Ian “The Pit Viper” Sugierski on drums). Even though this album doesn’t have as many killer songs as Headbanger (their strongest album so far), it is great, especially if your poison is NWOBHM-style bands like Omen, Savage Grace, Helstar and Jaguar and you dig the raw, unpolished sound of early eighties. Defenders Of The Filth is plastered 80’s metal from start to finish. Artwork illustrated here by the young lad Putrid, who has also done covers for Ghoul, Embrace Of Thorns and Nunslaughter.


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