Hellbound Staff Interrogation #1: Adrien Begrand

With today being the second anniversary of the launch of Hellbound.ca (yay us!), we have decided to do short interviews with the staff of Hellbound so that you the readers can find out more about us and where we come from. Justin M. Norton came up with a bunch of questions, which we will be asking all of our current staff over the next few weeks.

Adrien Begrand was the first writer to sign on with Sean when he decided to start Hellbound, so he is the first one to be interviewed. Here is his interview below. Please enjoy


I was surprised as shit to find out that one of the two bands currently ruling the world of DIY (since Fugazi broke up, anyway) is Marillion. Portland, OR’s grind-punk heroes Tragedy are the other, but since they seem to love their privacy and isolation as much as I love their music, let’s focus on Marillion. Plus, the story of how they came to be where they are today is pretty fascinating.

Kevin Stewart-Panko says Marillion are the current Kings of D.I.Y. in rock music right now and explains why in this article.


Those of you who were disciples to Adrian Bromley’s Unrestrained! are well familiar with Rimshots. Those of you who read Decibel (and there’s absolutely no reason not to!) may have noticed a similar, digital-age inspired endeavour entitled ‘Tweets for Twats.’ Those of you old enough to remember will notice how I ripped this idea off from Ron Quintana’s ‘Ron’s Retarded Record Reviews’. What happens is that I review new releases using two or three sentences max. Act like a wiseass and, sometimes, hilarity ensues.