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ProgPower USA 2012 Recap Day 1

ProgPower USA 2012 had one of its most diverse line ups in the festival’s history. Here is Justin Richardson’s recap of the first day of last September’s festival, which included performances by Sinbreed, Kingcrow, Amaranthe, Serenity, Primordial, Redemption and Epica.

Review recap and all concert photography by Justin Richardson.

Top Five Reasons Not To Miss ProgPower USA 2012

“This weekend sees North America’s longest running progressive/power metal festival happen when ProgPower USA XIII kicks off Friday night in Atlanta. This year’s edition will be the thirteenth overall and the key to its success has always been the diversity of the acts that are asked to play each year. The 2012 edition has some excellent talent participating on both days of the festival, but here is my own personal top five reasons why I think this year’s edition is a must see, time and finances permitting”

By Sean Palmerston

ProgPower USA 2011 – review of Thursday, September 15

“Even though the annual ProgPower USA festivities started the night before with Evergrey’s absolutely amazing acoustic performance, a performance in which I was very skeptical about initially, Thursday was the true beginning of the festival. Thursday night held the promise of a returning Vanden Plas, a band that has tried to make it over several times but was unsuccessful each time due to different circumstances. On top of that, Evergrey was set to play the entire In Search Of Truth album, an album considered by many to be their magnum opus.”

Justin Richardson recaps his experience at the first official day of ProgPower USA 2011, which happened on Thursday, September 15th at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia.

ProgPower USA 2011 @ Center Stage, Atlanta, GA September 15th to 17th, 2011

Although he almost missed it – please see inside for all the details – Hellbound’s Rob Kachluba finally made it back to Atlanta GA earlier this month for this year’s edition of the ProgPower USA Festival. Here is Rob’s recap of the three days that he was in attendance at the fest, which included performances by Evergrey, Sanctuary, Ihsahn, Haken, While Heaven Wept, Forbidden, Therion and many more.