Jason Wellwood

Thérèse Lanz of Mares of Thrace: The Hellbound Audio interview

I had the opportunity to chat with Thérèse Lanz about Mexican food, video games, being interviewed, stupid questions she is asked, Chicago (and what to eat late night), U.S. Politics and a little bit about music a few weeks prior to the release of The Pilgrimage (Sonic Unyon Metal) and the cross Canada tour that will probably be bringing Mares of Thrace close to your town. Regardless of how many times you speak to Thérèse, she is always entertaining and has a lot of very informed things to say on pretty much any topic. But mostly on tacos and video games…

Interview by Jason Wellwood.

Blue Coupe – Tornado On The Tracks

I’d love to say that Tornado on the Tracks blew me away, but it didn’t. It’s definitely catchy and a good listen, but it’s a lot more mellow and not quite as memorable as I had hoped. I think it’s a good first step for the band, hopefully this will result in further albums from the band as the talent is definitely there, it just didn’t come out in these songs.

Scorpions – Comeblack

All in all, Comeblack is a pretty good record, it’s not going to take the place of the classics but it’s a pretty awesome way to let those of us who never saw the latest incarnation hear how things would have sounded.

Riotgod – Invisible Empire

Invisible Empire definitely has less Monster Magnet feel to it though and that’s not a bad thing at all, giving Bob and Jim a little distance from their ‘other’ band lets Riotgod stretch a little more as well.

Aggressor – Beyond All Reckoning

Beyond All Reckoning is a solid album throughout, and the fact that you can’t completely pin down the sound of Aggressor is exactly what makes them so good. This is an album best experienced beginning to end, though you couldn’t go wrong picking any one track to listen to. For my money, that’s the mark of a great album.