Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard Of Ozz (Legacy edition)

Listeners and long-time fans will be absolutely thrilled by this updated presentation of Blizzard Of Ozz because it does do a service to the songs – but the catch is that they have to make it by the re-treatment of “Crazy Train” to do it, and that may be a greater accomplishment than many might suspect.

Maryland Deathfest Preview #1: Thursday, May 26

This upcoming weekend marks the return of the biggest underground metal festival in North America, the Maryland Deathfest. Quite a few Hellbound contributors are making the pilgrimage down to Baltimore for the four day festival, which starts this Thursday and carries on through Sunday, so we have picked some of our most anticipated bands to see each day and will be running daily previews every day between now and Thursday.

Here are some bands that Sean and Adam are excited to see on Thursday night.

Ghost – Opus Eponymous

If you consider Opus Eponymous to be a pop album, you probably think Yes and Genesis are pop bands, too. Erm, wait a minnit. Well, I can’t say I see Ghost going down that route, anyways. After all, it won’t be the 80’s for another 69 years…

Eluveitie/ Death Angel/ 3 Inches of Blood/ Holy Grail/ Lazarus A.D./ System Divide @ The Opera House, Toronto, ON, February 6, 2011

If the large crowd at The Opera House on Sunday night was any indication then it would be fair to assume that metal heads aren’t really into football. It’s either that or the allure of two very different tours meeting up for one show right here in T.O. was too intriguing to pass up, or at least more intriguing than commercials and chilli. Death Angel vs. Eluveitie? Now there’s a matchup to sink your teeth into! If you couldn’t make it, never fear because Hellbound’s own metal insiders Natalie Zed and Renée Trotier were on hand to bring you the play by play. With photos by Adam Wills

70000 TONS OF METAL Cruise Recap Part 4

This marks the final part of our coverage of the 70000 TONS OF CRUISE festival, recapping the activities of day four on the boat. This was a full day at sea with music from early morning until the late hours of the evening.

In our fourth installment, Adrien, Kevin and Sean review live sets by SANCTUARY, VOIVOD, RAVEN, DEATH ANGEL, TESTAMENT and more. Live photos by Albert Mansour.

There goes the neighbourhood–metal/punk record store moves to Queen St W!

A couple months back, on what woulda been my third-latest trip to Rotate This, I noticed a sign in the empty storefront next door: “NEW PUNK/METAL RECORD STORE OPENING SOON.” I had to admire the audacity of opening a record store right next to NOW Magazine’s runner-up for Record Store of the Year (which I’m sure they’ve won in the past), and made a mental note to check this place out once they opened.
Well, it turns out that Hits ‘n Misses isn’t that new, having moved SXSE from the Bloor and Ossignton area…They moved into the new space in November, and I haven’t bought anything but tickets at Rotate This since.