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Scum – Garden of Shadows

Bit of an interesting back story behind this one. This Finnish death/doom outfit formed in 1990, and was signed to the legendary Black Mark…

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Marduk – Frontschwein

There’s such a thing as a regular Marduk album. Regular Marduk albums fit the template for the frosty second wave of black metal and…

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Bill Ward: The Hellbound Interview

When the gods made heavy metal, it was the thunder issued from Bill Ward’s fists that set the scene, at least as equally as Tony Iommi’s lightning. You could not have had that demon birth with a lesser drummer at the helm. Mixing the satanic swing of jazz with sheer brute clobbering force, Bill Ward’s drumming turned the oldest form of long-distance communication into a manifesto of power. And a thousand children picked up sticks.

Hellbound’s Kyle Harcott in conversation with original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward about his new art project, entitled Absence of Corners, and his upcoming musical releases.

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