Reviews – Audio

Deiphago: Filipino Antichrist

Overall, this banshee-stabbing outfit are the Satanic missing link between John Zorn’s Painkiller and Portal, only with 137% more virgin violation to their theoretical credit. And hey, if you’re not feeling particularly like cuddling with hell’s servants, this can effectively be used to clear out any lingering party guests and family members who won’t take the hint to get out, especially come Christmas time.

Morbid Saint: Spectrum Of Death

Originally released in 1989 by a Mexican based label called Avenzada Metalica, this eight-song effort is an absolute face-ripper that will appeal greatly to fans of Dark Angel, Kreator and especially late 80s Razor. The songs are well written, the riffs are lightning fast and they possessed a vocalist in singer Pat Lind that could have easily subbed in for Mille in Kreator if the need ever would have arisen.

Children of Bodom: Skeletons In The Closet

That lighter spirit is what makes Skeletons In The Closet worth listening to because they make the spirit in the rest most obvious; it’s all for fun. These seventeen covers showcase every side of the band, but the most recurring of the lot is that the band is obviously having fun as they pay tribute to the bands they respect, but treat the outrageous steps out with equally good humour

The Cleansing: Poisoned Legacy

Poisoned Legacy is a fine addition to the Danish death metal corpus (mortale…apologies for the horrid pun). It is well-performed musically and quite enjoyable in short bursts, but it lacks the consistently dynamic songwriting required to hold the attention for its duration.

Gaza: He Is Never Coming Back

Gaza’s He Is Never Coming Back is a tumultuous collection of powerful, almost too emotional songs that are heavy – not for simply being dudes from Salt Lake City who want to show who has the biggest balls on the block, but simply because they have something very powerful to day.

Scar Symmetry: Dark Matter Dimensions

The main problem with this band is after their storming debut album, the last few albums (including this new one) sound like the album they made two albums ago. It is nowhere near being a bad album at all, it’s just I have heard this same CD like three times now.

Pistons: We’re Pistons

Punk rock Italians Pistons recorded this ten-track album, which sounds like a cross between vintage Sex Pistols and the modern version of Motorhead, in nine hours but I wish they had spent more time, or recorded more songs.