Seven Sisters of Sleep – s/t

By Gruesome Greg

Okay, I’ll admit that I downloaded this because of the band name. Not that I’ve heard of these guys, but if they’re related to Sleep, I’m interested already…

Well, they do seem to play slow, but instead of the heavy grooves of the Weedians, it’s more of a sludgy hardcore thing, with unintelligible growled vocals. Kinda reminds me of The Atlas Moth on opening track “Monasteries,” at least.

“Passed Out Standing” has a decent groove to it, though the black-metal belching isn’t toned down in the slightest. “Tide is Rising” picks up the pace, more of a blackened crusty tune, which slows to a sludgy crawl half-way in, and changes tempos a couple more times in its brief 3:30 lifespan.

As a whole, this self-titled offering is short and sweet, eight tracks weighing in at 20 and a half minutes. Nothing special, but if you like slowcore, it’s worth a shot. Alas, had they called themselves Seven Sisters of Kingdom of Sorrow, I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

(Southern Lord)

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