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Gruesome Greg

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So, I saw Until the Light Takes Us the other nite…

With the Olympics in full swing, I didn’t wanna miss a gold medal performance by Canada to watch a black metal doc. (On the other hand, had they been screening Such Hawks, Such Hounds I woulda been seriously conflicted…) But as the Royal extended its run into early March, I started reading some of the reviews and interviews about the flick, and decided to check out its final screening on Thursday.

Goodbye Cleveland…

It’s been about a week since I returned from The Mistake on the Lake, with many memories of my stay. The wildly energetic performance of almost- 60-year-old Bobby Liebling, the massive collection of artifacts at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame–the bitchy cab drivers who didn’t wanna break a 20, the prying border guards who searched my bag… Well, they weren’t all fond memories. But all in all, twas a highly enjoyable excursion.

Heading down to Cleveland to see Pentagram on Thursday… My DOOM awaits!

A couple years ago, I saw Blue Cheer at Sneaky Dee’s, in what turned out to be Dickie Peterson’s last performance in Toronto. (May he rest in peace.) Few musicians worshiped Blue Cheer as much as Bobby Liebling, the Pentagram singer who turns 60 this summer. In what could be another “last chance” gig, I’ve made the decision to catch Liebling and company on their January tour as it stops within driving distance of The Big Smoke next weekend.