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Amorphis – Magic & Mayhem [Tales From The Early Years]

There are always going to be purists who cry foul when a band re-records a favourite song but, really, it’s the band’s song to do with as they will. On Magic & Mayhem though, I don’t see many fans crying foul, in fact, I think the opposite is true. This album shines from top to almost bottom.

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Pure Fucking Mayhem: A film by Stefan Rydehed

Pure Fucking Mayhem is a film painted by various interviews of both the prominent and unknown, where much is discussed on the personalities of Mayhem’s infamous band members who have made a significant impact to Norwegian Black Metal.

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Ted Nugent: Motor City Mayhem

This ain’t no Double Live Gonzo, but America’s weirdest right-wing redneck rocker celebrates his 6000th concert at home in Detroit, Michigan. Ted Nugent, you are a freak.

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Sammy Brue – Crash Test Kid

After releasing a debut album which, while obviously ambitious, ultimately yielded results which were “just okay” followed by an EP that revealed a greater-than-average…

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