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Cold weather, death metal and beer

More entries in Hellbound’s “Events You Don’t Want to Miss” category The February edition Wednesday, the 4th NAPALM DEATH and EXHUMED top off a multi-course death…

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X – Wild Gift

 As good as Los Angeles was and as important as that album would ultimately prove to be in the presentation of X, the band’s…

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Suicidal Tendencies: Live At The Olympic Auditorium

Suicidal Tendencies concerts have always been a combination of ultimate fighting, self-help seminar run by the Rev. Mike Muir and communal exorcism of bad mojo. If you’ve attended a Suicidal show you’ve likely left bruised or with a split lip but feeling like you could tackle the New York Marathon. Once I got popped on the side of the head, had a cigarette flicked down my shirt and still had a good time.

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