Heavy Picks for Bandcamp Friday – May 2023

Spinebreaker - Cavern of Inoculated Cognition art by Brad Moore

It isn’t slowing down at all – there’s an even bigger bouquet of fresh riffs out there since the last edition of Bandcamp Friday, and I’m not mad about it.  The header image this month is by Brad Moore, the aptly named “Art Wizard”, for the cover of Spinebreaker’s Cavern of Inoculated Cognition, one of three excellently heavy full-lengths releasing on May 5th.

Here’s a wide array of picks from all over the spectrum, and the world, for your exploratory listening enjoyment.  Listed in order of release date and ranging from experimental/ambient to way-out-there, raw as hell black metal and back again :

MAULÉN El Miedo De Amar Pero Igual Lo Hago

Experimental/drone/ambient – Gothenburg, Sweden

released April 7 – Icons Creating Evil Art


Experimental/black metal/sludge – Toronto, Ontario

released April 7 – Iniquitous Purpose

MORATORIUM Hope [single]

ft. Jesse Matthewson of Ken Mode

Hardcore/punk/sludge – Ottawa, Ontario

released April 8

ALL HELLAll Hail the Night

Black n roll/thrash/punk – Asheville, North Carolina

released April 14 – Terminus Hate City

LUSTREReverence [EP]

ft. J.J. of Harakiri for the Sky

Ambient/dungeonsynth/black metal – Östersund, Sweden

released April 14 – Nordvis

MONONEGATIVES Crossing Visual Field

Synthpunk/new wave – London, Ontario

released April 21


Industrial/noise rock/electronic – Los Angeles, California

released April 27 – Loma Vista Recordings

NIGHTMARERDeformity Adrift

Guest vocals on ‘Taufbefehl’ by Christian Kolf and Jan Buckard of Valborg

Death metal/dissonant – Portland, Oregon

releases May 5 – Total Dissonance Worship

SPINEBREAKERCavern of Inoculated Cognition

Death metal/hardcore – San Jose, California

releases May 5 – Creator-Destructor Records


Blackened death metal – Portugal

releases May 5 – Sentient Ruin Laboratories

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