Metal Picks for Bandcamp Friday – March 2023

They Grieve - artwork by Pascale Arpin

Another Bandcamp Friday has arrived! This one really crept up, and there’s been no shortage of awesome releases.

As with last month’s edition, to keep things from getting too overwhelming, your friendly overcaffeinated contributor, Danielle, is here to list albums that have already been released as of today.  There are also a bunch of pre-orders that are really getting my goat but I’ll save those for next month when they’re out.

The crushing header image from THEY GRIEVE features artwork by Pascale Arpin.

To keep up with all of my random musings, getting way too excited about first listens and eyeballing the finest merch on an almost daily basis, you can follow along on Instagram (@riffsdontlie).  Alright, here we go, better have those headphones ready if your neighbours/family/roommates don’t like it loud because all of these are going to make you want to crank up the volume:

STREET TOMBS – “Reclusive Decay”

released February 17, 2023 via Carbonized Records

Thrashing Death Metal / Punk from Santa Fe, New Mexico

TITHE – “Inverse Rapture”

released February 17, 2023 via Profound Lore Records

Death/Grind from Portland, Oregon

THEY GRIEVE – “To Which I Bore Witness”

released February 23, 2023

Drone/Gloom from Ottawa, Ontario

ANATOMY OF HABIT – “Black Openings”

released February 24, 2023

Post-Punk/Doom from Chicago, Illinois

ENSLAVED – “Heimdal”

released March 3, 2023 via Nuclear Blast

Black Metal/Psych/Prog from Bergen, Norway

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