Hellbound Interviews : TRIBUNAL – January 15, 2023


From Vancouver, BC – TRIBUNAL cellist/bassist/vocalist Soren Mourne and guitarist/vocalist Etienne Flinn met with Danielle on Zoom in anticipation of the release of their debut, “The Weight Of Remembrance” this Friday, January 20th.

I was already pretty enamoured with the album, which seemed to have had just the right timing for release – since the single “Without Answer” appeared mid-gloomy-December, and has been stuck firmly in my head since then.  Upon a first listen of the album I realized this was really something special – not just because it’s not every day you find an epic doom band from the west coast of Canada.  Here is the conversation we had about the release, their influences, and just how they ended up creating such an unexpected piece of art :


The Weight Of Remembrance can be streamed early in its entirety now at YouTube via 20 Buck Spin.

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