Metal Picks to check out this Bandcamp Friday – December 2, 2022

WORMWITCH - Exhumed From Flaming Stars

Just like that, we’re here in December wondering how on earth we’re going to choose the overall “albums of the year” of 2022.  In the meantime, here’s the freshest of the fresh on Bandcamp for your riff-ening pleasure.

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A FLOCK NAMED MURDER – “Garden of Embers” (single)

released December 1, 2022

ULTAR – “At the Gates of Dusk”

released November 18, 2022

CASKET ROBBERY – “Rituals of Death”

released November 11, 2022

DOOMSDAY – “Depictions of Chaos”

released November 18, 2022

THIS IS THE LAST TIME – “Acclimation”

released November 18, 2022

ORBITER – “Head Wounds”

released November 11, 2022

WORMWITCH – “Exhumed From Flaming Stars” (single)

released November 8, 2022

GUTVOID – “Durance of Lightless Horizons”

released September 23, 2022 (yes, I slept on this one)

WORM – “Gloomlord” (re-issue)
released November 25, 2022 (re-issue date)

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