Bandcamp Friday Picks – October 2022

Well hello, it’s time again for Bandcamp Friday, where the folks over at Bandcamp completely waive their revenue share in order to offer more support directly to the artists.

I found an absolute wealth of fresh and upcoming releases to choose from this month – here’s a handful of what had me turning up the volume  :


BEGRIME EXEMIOUSRotting in the Aftermath
released July 8, 2022 | Dark Descent Records

” We pushed ourselves deeper into the realms of death metal…  It was truly forged on the road, and takes our brand of filth to the next level of apocalyptic devastation.

GREBERFright Without
released September 9, 2022 | Hibernation Release/Ancient Temple Recordings/No Funeral Records

” ‘Fright Without’ is a handleless staircase that disorients as much as it overwhelms.  Our testament to suffering and hope, balance and woe, heaven and here.  ”




self released September 30, 2022

Foreign Winds is the amalgamation of the darker arts and stories that have shaped us, and with that we gift you our eyes and ears into the numinous portals that lie behind realities surface.  ”




DAEVAThrough Sheer Will and Black Magic

releases October 14, 2022 | 20 Buck Spin

A fiery maelstrom of early demonic black metal and jagged edge thrash convulsions forms the inherent basis of the album, where DAEVA has perfected their art like gleaming forged steel, the band featuring three members of Crypt Sermon, among other acts.


IMPRECATIONIn Nomine Diaboli
releases October 14, 2022 | Dark Descent Records

Tendrils of pure evil will engulf the listener with Satanic hymns that recall the greatest days of Deicide and Morbid Angel.  IMPRECATION’s own version of this venerable death metal tradition brings forth moments ranging from blistering and relentless to crushingly heavy… this is death metal the way it was always intended – powerful, malevolent, and uncompromising.



releases October 21, 2022 | Relapse Records

To The Dead is a destination,” notes frontman Matt Harvey. “A rotting world populated by the grotesquely twisted truths of our waking world and the decaying fallout of our most deranged ambitions. But it’s also a title that evokes a celebration of, and an invitation into, the gore-soaked world of EXHUMED.



releases October 21, 2022 | Pelagic Records

Known for their lengthy, well-produced atmospheric rock opuses, Parisian post-rock outfit LOST IN KIEV has been challenging themselves the past five years to write shorter songs… their experience oozes through the cracks.  The confusion and dread are tangible in the lead guitar playing, the artful use of noise and distortion keeps you listening closely. 

NOCTEMCredo Certe Ne Cras

releases October 28, 2022 | MNRK Heavy

In spirit, presentation, and philosophy, NOCTEM shares much in common with Watain, Rotting Christ, Belphegor, and Gorgoroth, while sprouting their own decaying branch of a rotten metal tree… a new, definitive masterpiece, merging the crushing cacophony of angry, adrenaline-fueled lust with newfound sorrows and mournful melodic might. IS THE LAST TIMEAcclimation

releases November 18, 2022 | Here is Nowhere/Dead Red Queen/Drown Within Records

We were in the height of lockdown in NYC, there was the sound of ambulances non stop for two months straight despite not a seeing a soul on the street, I wanted to create a sense of optimism in the middle of the darkness.  Acclimation seeks to build that optimism and adapt to the current state of the world. We intended to write a feel good / strolling on a beautiful summer day album, but with a ton of blast beats.

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