HRH Goth Fest, Day 2, Leeds, UK

It was exciting news when the announcements were made back in 2019 for a brand new addition of HRH FestivalsHRH Goth. Little did we know at that time, that we would have to wait so long for it to actually take place.

HRH Goth Fest 2021 was held on the 11th and 12th of September at the Kentish Forum in London – as well as the O2 Academy Leeds. It previewed artists such as: 

My Dying Bride, Fields of the Nephilim, Lord of the Lost, Jayce Lewis, Massive Ego, Auger, FyreSky, Red Sun Revival, Seeking Akira, St. Lucifer, All My Thorns, The Webb, Witch of the East, deadfilmstar, Cold in Berlin, Drownd, Novus


Next year’s second edition of HRH Goth is promising us to be even bigger and even darker with the likes of:

New Model Army 

Mono Inc.

The Membranes 

Lesbian Bed Death 

More info and tickets here:

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