Staff Playlists – September 2020

Another round of staff playlists from the folks at Hellbound. This is what we’ve been spinning as summer turns to autumn (for those of us in the northern hemisphere, anyway). Feel free to add your own picks of the month in the comments!

Steve Earles

Listening to: Darkthrone – Arctic Thunder. it perfectly sums up Autumn, my favourite time of the year, shorter days, longer nights, trees bare…Perfect!

Arta Gailuma

Listening to: Dir En Grey

New release: Second To Sun – Leviathan. Self released September 29th, 2020.

Gruesome Greg

Listening to: Dead Quiet – Truth and Ruin
New release: Sons of OTIS – Isolation
Live: -(16)- headlining Cvlt Nation’s Sonic Unrest online fest, October 3rd, 2020.
Non-Metal: Kim Mitchell – Lager and Ale
Wild card: My restaurant-reviewing alter ego recommends Farmhouse Tavern in The Junction for country food and (the good kind of) country music.

Sean Palmerston

Listening to: Paradise Lost – Their last 5 albums I just cannot get enough of. The new one isn’t as great as Medusa, but it’s still pretty fucking great.

New release: Napalm Death –  Throws of Joy In the Jaws of Defeatism. I don’t know how they keep doing it, but these grind core veterans just keep making albums better than the last. Honestly, their best new studio album since the early 90s.
Non-Metal: Pendragon – Love Over Fear. 35 years into their career and these UK prog rockers have made their best album ever. Simply stunning!
Wild card: Premier league football. I watch it every Saturday and Sunday morning. Go Arsenal! 

Sarah Riley

Listening to: Tenebrae In Perpetuum – Al Di La Della Nebbia (Onori Funebri Rituali, Serpens Caput Productions, 2012)

New release: Skeletal Remains – The Entombment of Chaos (Century Media Records, 2020)

Non-Metal: Free Throw – Two Beers In (Those Days Are Gone, Count Your Lucky Stars, 2014) 

Wild card: Martyrs, a film directed by Pascal Laugier

Daniel Smith

New release: Wayfarer – Vaudeville 
Non-Metal: Soft Kill – Rose’s All Around
Wild card: Rosemary’s Baby (1968) Dir by: Roman Polanski 

Ioan Tetlow

Listening to: Havukruunu Syomein Sota

New release: Finntroll Ormfolk

Live: PORTAL live at Saint Vitus Bar

Non-Metal: Peter Bellamy – Oak, Ash and Thorn 

Wild card: Dead Can Dance The Serpent’s Egg


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