Mysteries of the Tayos Caves

The Lost Civilisations Where the Andes Meet the Amazon

By Alex Chionetti, foreword by Javier Sierra

Published by Bear & Company

When you see the enthusiastic quote on this book’s cover from Douglas Preston (creator of so many good novels, both solo, and with Lincoln Child), you know you are in for a special read!

The Tayos Caves system is famous in its own right, a complex of caverns in the Amazon rainforest. Named after the oilbirds that reside in the caves, here you will find archaeology, legends and enigmas to rival Indiana Jones.

And speaking of Indiana Jones, author Alex Chionetti is a genuine boots-on-the-ground explorer with over thirty years of research into the Tayos Caves. In this important book he shares tales of the legends and mysteries of this cave, including the claim of its discoverer Janos ‘Juan’ Moricz of finding a metal library with books of gold.

This region was possibly the origin of Incan culture and the legend of El Dorado. Alex also shares the exciting details of his own dangerous expeditions to the caves, and of other expeditions, including one that featured no less than astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Alex keeps and open mind when discussing the various theories and legends attached to the caves.

An exciting and engrossing book that would make a superb documentary.

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