Girl – Wasted Youth


Girl were formed in 1979, slap bang in the nascent New Wave of British Heavy Metal, but you couldn’t think of a band more different than Venom, Saxon, Diamond Head, Iron Maiden and Angel Witch. Girl had more in common with Def Leppard (Girl’s guitarist Phil Collen would eventually join the Leps, which proves my point).

Girl were very much a case of right band, wrong time. If they had been based in LA a few years later, they would have been HUGE!

Alas, the star that burns brightest burns fastest, and splitting a few years later, Girl had to content themselves with being hugely influential.

The first two discs in this set are two excellent studio albums: ‘Wasted Youth’ and ‘Killing Time’. The remaining four discs are excellent high energy live affairs.

Overall, an excellent collection from a band that could have been huge, but as I said, had to settle for being hugely influential instead.

Cherry Red Records

Girl: Wasted Youth, 6CD Expanded Box SetGirl


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8.0 Rating

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