Wally – Martyrs and Cowboys

The Atlantic Recordings 1974-1975

This is the kind of amazing music that was produced prior to the rise of punk, where a major label would just give a band the money to make records. (I remember reading an interview with Gene Simmons where he talked bout this.)

Wally’s sound is progressive yet with a strong US West Coast rock influence, which gives them a sound very much of their own.

Their debut album was produced by living legend Rick Wakeman and really is excellent ,especially the track ‘To the Urban Man’. I often find Rick’s involvement (witness ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ for instance) is a sign of quality and so it is proved here. The follow-up album ‘Valley Gardens’ is of similar quality.

The band disbanded in 1976, but in a short space of time produced music of timeless quality.

Cherry Red Records


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