Kirk Windstein – Dream in Motion


After returning Crowbar to form with three solid albums this decade, frontman Kirk Windstein has stepped out on his own with his first solo album. And no, it doesn’t sound exactly like Crowbar – their trademark, slow-motion breakdowns are notably absent – but the iconic guitar tones and well-travelled, gravelly vocals remain fully intact.

The title track that kicks off Dream in Motion might be the closest thing to a Crowbar song on here. The slow, distorted riff that anchors this one would not sound outta place on one of their recent records – I’m reminded of “Walk with Knowledge Wisely” – but the riffage is not nearly as prominent, as the verses are backed by little more than buzzing feedback. Sixth track “Toxic” is also more in the Crowbar vein, with its crunchy guitars leading up to an incredibly gloomy chorus. However, “Hollow Dying Man” is more reminiscent of Crowbar’s cover of “Dream Weaver” that appears at the end of Equilibrium – a lighter, airier affair, but with one solid, heavy riff that delivers the goods when called upon.

Stirring ballad “Once Again” is a little lacking in power, but still makes its presence felt with a soaring chorus. Another soul-stirrer, “The World You Know” is based around a cleaner-than-usual Windstein riff that reigns down upon its kingdom of sorrow. And instrumental “The Healing” doesn’t even need words to make its downtrodden presence felt.

Speaking of covers, the album ends with Windstein’s take on the Jethro Tull creepy classic “Aqualung.” It’s no “Dream Weaver,” but still pretty decent.

(eOne Music)

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