Greenslade – Sundance

A Collection, 1973-1975

This collection is a very worthy introduction to the world of Greenslade. It’s astonishing that so much high-quality music could be recorded in such a period of time, and unthinkable in the short-attention span world we suffer today.

Formed in 1972 by former Colosseum keyboardist Dave Greenslade (hence the name), Greenslade were to produce prog rock of the highest calibre, with, I feel, more of a blues vibe than many of their contemporaries.

Highlights of this collection include fan favourite ‘Feathered Friends’ live at the 1973 Reading Festival and ‘Gangsters’ which featured in the BBC series of the same name (the TV movie and first series of ‘Gangsters’ are among the best things the BBC ever did. However, they lost the plot with the second and final series, which has to be seen to be (dis)believed).

Overall, this is a fine collection from a fine band and will serve to send the serious listener in search of their entire back catalogue.

Cherry Red Records

Greenslade: Sundance – A Collection 1973-1975, CDGreenslade

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